[INTERNAL] Wellness institute by Marissa del Mar – App

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About the App
What's in here is basically a supplemental App for Wellness Institute meant to be shown and displayed "on-site" where it functions as a sort of "interactive menu" where customers can view the different services offered by the Wellness Center and other Discounts and Promos.
Technical Issues
As stated earlier, this app is made as an "on-site interactive menu" and is not hosted on Google Play Store like a normal app so it behaves differently from a normal app. Updating the app means Physically yanking the SD card and/or plugging the Tablet into an OTG cable and copy pasting the updated APK and installing it manually. Pressing HOME will auto close the app, this is done by design to circumvent a glitch in the engine I used. It's also a non-auto rotating, non scaling app and it's aspect ratio fixed to simplify the programming. Compared to modern apps, this is a way simpler app made for a very specific purpose extremely simplified to ensure that it always runs perfectly as intended...
Technical Context
When this app was first made, my knowledge of App making is virtually zero so I resorted to the only thing I know that can emulate the functions of an app... by using a Game Engine written in Python / Pygame to create what is essentially a Game with clickable elements that behaves as a sort of glorified power point slideshow. While I definitely can make more complex behavior I opted to make it as simple and less complex as possible to minimize unforeseen bugs since I am literally still learning how to make an App (and in a very forced and accelerated way) as I programmed the entire thing. TD;DR... this is a Visual Novel disguised as an App.
Personal Notes - John
The app attached here while functioning properly and optimized to run perfectly on every run, it's also a horrible app for people with low spec'd devices since this App is graphically heavy and I cache images up to 4 layers deep so it's also RAM intensive to ensure smooth performance (at least on devices that is above Minimum Requirements)... Again, this is a Game disguised as an App so unlike most apps in this class where most content are fetched and processed online, this app has everything locally so the install size is on the big side. As for the programming aspect, again, this is essentially a GAME so it uses non standard way of doing things. My recommendation is to write the app first as a self contained website that can receive content remotely with slightly more interactive content then use a wrapper to package it into a compliant app where it can be uploaded to Google Playstore so it can be more accessible and easier to update whenever it is needed.