Available Facial Treatment Services

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Eye Revival Treatment

400RM – (35 min)

This powerful eye treatment will take you back in time by using plant based stem cells and peptides to increase blood circulation under the eyes. This will increase collage production this reducing fine line and wrinkles in addition to reducing the puffiness and dark circles.

Detox Facial Treatment

500RM – (35 min)

The organic facial detoxification that your skin needs for purification and cleansing. A deep pore cleaning to remove impurities, pollutants, and dead skin cells thus revitalizing the skin and support its health

Brightening Facial Treatment

600RM – (45 min)

A highly effective treatment designed to increase the skins luminosity and glow. This treatment is to add brightness to the skin’s appearance and helps to reduce the UV radiation damage caused by free radicals and sun exposure.

LED Treatment Red/Blue

800RM – (45 min)

This treatment replicates the technology developed by NASA and uses state of the art devices from Zero Gravity from the USA. This treatment is painless and helps to achieve a much more vibrant and clear skin in literally 30 minutes or less! The light emitting diodes are exposed to the skin to clinically proven wavelengths and delivered at safe therapeutic doses which will help for cellular repair.

Clear & Calm Treatment

900RM – (45 min)

A great treatment for acne-prone skin. Highly recommended for those with hormonal imbalances which leads to oily skin or oily T-zones. Using our Dermassure range to balance the ph and oil levels of the skin while at the same time clearing up existing surface acne, blemishes, or black/white heads with a combination of treatment items

Anti Ageing Treatment

900RM – (50 min)

A treatment designed for people aged 35 and above who choose to rebel against gravity and the harsh effects of skin biology. This treatment uses our Ageless by Nature range which award winning ingredients designed to kick start one’s natural collagen/elastin production to tighten and firm up the skin.

JellyFish Treatment

1000RM – (50 min)

This treatment will restore a youthful glow to your skin in a rapid amount of time with a burst of antioxidants and essential firming protein. Replicating the same effect of the immortal jellyfish, this treatment targets collagen and elastin producing cells and literally causes them to be restored anew.

24k GOLD Cleopatra Treatment

1500RM – (50 min)

The 24k Gold Cleopatra Treatment is a special facial treatment performed using 24Karat gold as the main active ingredient. The procedure focuses on providing an anti-aging effect that helps to deal with deep wrinkles and visible fine lines on your skin.

Available Body Treatment Services

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Lymphatic Slimming Treatment

Choose one (1) body segment:
Tummy – RM990
Buttock – RM990
Front Thigh – RM650
Back Thigh – RM650
Arm – RM550
Calf – RM550

Lymphatic slimming can help with problem such as excess weight, bloated body, flaccid skin, cellulite, and body tone. It helps also to flush toxins. Lymphatic drainage will focus on large and bulky areas of the body.

Ultra Sonic Cavitation & Radio Frequency

999RM – (30 min)

Choose only one part: (tummy/ buttock/ front or back thigh/ arm/calf)

This treatment is to boost the slimming process. This treatment uses scientifically proven non-invasive technology to break down stubborn fat and the heat treatment is called radio frequency which helps to tighten, contour and refine deeper lines of the skin.

Add Ons:

– Radio Frequency Calf – RM1000 / Session
– Radio Frequency Arm – RM1000 / Session
– Radio Frequency Thigh – RM1000 / Session
– Radio Frequency Tummy – RM1000 / Session
– Radio Frequency Buttocks – RM1000 / Session
– Radio Frequency Whole Body – RM1000 / Session
– Radio Frequency Calf – RM1000 / Session
– Please note : customised package can be done- refer to manager

Signature Warm Oil (hot stone therapy)

RM500 – 30 min (back)
RM750 – 30 min (face)

This treatment is a hot stone therapy and deep tissue massage using treatment oil to promote blood circulation and tighten the skin

Gua Cha Treatment

500RM – (30 min)

Gua Cha facial treatment is proven to relieve tension vin the face, reduce puffiness, inflammation and double chin area. It can also help to reduce sinus pressure. This treatment helps to make the skin more firm and glossy so the face is expected to be more contoured and glowing.

Hot Blanket + AI Treatment

RM500 – 30 min (back)
RM750 – 30 min (face)

This treatment is done with a special body oil that help to boost weight loss, muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased body metabolism and build stronger immune system. The treatment vis timed heat and controlled that will help the body to releaser toxins.

Back Rejuvenation Treatment


Back rejuvenation is a detox for the back which is also known as back facial. This is treatment is specially designed to focus exclusively to the most overlooked and tough to reach area on our body. The treatment is done by deep cleansing the pores that eliminates black heads, acne, dry skin on the back and 24k gold is applied to the back area. The ending of the treatment is with hot magical oil that helps to destress.

ADD ON: Lymphatic Drainage Detox Back Massage – RM1000
This treatment is a gentle massage that promote the movement of lymph fluids around the body which helps to flushes waste and toxins from bodily tissue.

ADD ON : Relaxatio Treatment – RM1500 (per session) – RM16000 (12 sessions)
This is a low-grade class 2 laser treatment which helps to promote blood circulation and better manage pain in the joints and muscles.


12000RM – (12 sessions)

It is a lymphatic drainage therapy which is a relaxing experience. Right after the treatment, you can feel extremely light and more relaxed.

Available Hair Treatment Services

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Hair Treatment Recreo


Recreo low grade laser treatment to help with strengthening the roots and helps with the growth of new hair. Promotes blood circulation and release of proteins to the scalp and hair follicle. (Ask for assistance for video)

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