Immortajell – The Secret of Immortality

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January 23, 2018
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Immortajell – The Secret of Immortality

A triumph of contemporary skincare. Powerful peptides are the key to mimicking the amazing cell regeneration of the Immortal Jellyfish: to help cells remain younger for longer.

A masterful, rejuvenating skincare regime offering the freshest, firmest results encouraging your skin to ‘act young again’,


Key Benefits of using Immortajell

▪ Instant results (plumper, fine line diffusing and brighter more energized skin)

▪ Age Prevention and Age Corrective

What skin conditions does Immortajell target?

▪ Ageing (fine lines and wrinkles)

▪ Dehydration

▪ Dullness

Skin type

▪ All skin types (excluding very oily skin)

Key ingredient technology

▪ Multi-peptide complex (firming & wrinkle reducing)

▪ Turritopsis Nutricula (skin cell longevity)

▪ Alpha hydroxy acids (recurfacing & brightening)

▪ Hyaluronic acid (plumping and hydrating)

Now available at all Origani Malaysia outlets

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