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This is gonna be a short review because I think it’s pretty meaningless to do a review of a super expensive product that I could only afford once in a lifetime. Hahahaha. I just got into an accident when I first decided to try Origani, I was ready to lose all of my moolahs for my face. Take all of my money! It was a decision made on a whim, it was the biggest impulse buy I’ve ever made. Did I regret it? No. Would I buy it again? Not with my current pay! Probably if I earn a million a month.

I started using Origani Erda collection as post laser care, I underwent multiple sessions of PDTs, carbon peels, Qswitch, erbium and Fractional Co2 laser (HUGE fan of lasers here) and after each session my face would feel a little bit tight,dry and red ; its normal to.

Being a ‘kiasu’ and irrational woman that I am, I thought “hey I just spent thousands of ringgit on lasers why not spend thousands more on hydrating and anti aging skin care? it wouldn’t hurt right? lol” Oh boy was I wrong. It did hurt. I had a bigger hole in my purse than the black hole discovered by NASA. Fun times, man.

The Origani Erda collection

Ok back to Origani, so I started using it as post laser treatment! It’s very very important to hydrate your skin and apply sunscreen post laser (especially fractional CO2) . Very important unless you’re OK with dry flaky peeling skin and permanent sunburn.

I read that some people (even some doctors what?) recommend petroleum jelly as post laser treatment to keep face hydrated and thick moisturizer like La Mer but I wouldn’t dare because hello clogged pores duh?

Origani feels like heaven on my face after each laser. The day and night cream aren’t thick. They look like they are but nope! They absorb well and smell amazing! Pores would be visibly smaller the next morning. I feel like a new person each morning and I figure thats how a snake would feel like after it sheds off its skin bahahaha.

I was afraid of washing my face post fractional CO2, I thought that washing my face might burn, and most cleanser have AHA/BHA. Its a no no post laser, baby. Best thing about Origani Erda collection is their toner is a toning cleanser, meaning its a toner plus cleanser. It cleans pretty well (I would say not as well as other cleanser but you don’t need too much cleansing post laser anyway) and it GENTLY removes the debris from flaky, scaly and dry skin . Other cleanser might strip everything off. And no you don’t want that.

Daily Glow Toning cleanser

The eye cream feels amazing too. I was a little too excited though I applied more than a drop and massaged around my a little too much. Don’t, unless you want lots of milla around your eyes.

Eye Gel concentrate

I would rate Origani 8.9/10 as post laser care. I am very confident that it is hard to beat that. But as daily use, if you’ve done no laser treatment I think that it is above average; as in it’s amazing