Body Care Clear & Calm Cranberry Soap

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A moisturizing cleansing bar that gently cleanses the skin without upsetting the pH balance for soft and healthy skin. Suitable for face and body and particularly for problematic skin conditions.


7 reviews for Body Care Clear & Calm Cranberry Soap

  1. Fatin Khalid

    I’ve used this daily for more than a week now but I am still unsure of the effectiveness and/or the reactions of my skin towards it.
    Seeing as I started using it just before my hormonal acne started breaking out … I couldn’t really tell whether this was good for me or not.

    But perhaps it could be good for me (?) because my hormonal acne (along my jawline) did subside relatively quicker than per usual. I’ll continue using it morning and night and see how things go.

    The good thing is, it isn’t drying which a lot of anti-acne products unfortunately are.

  2. Yaya Ramli (verified owner)

    I have tried every soap and cleanser under the sun. Lancome used to be my go to, but it got too expensive and stopped working as well on my adult skin. Finally, tired of trying fancy products, I went back to basics and found this simple bar soap which worked for me without completely drying my skin out.

  3. Andrea Wong (verified owner)

    This soap bar really keeps my blemishes under control. I have super dry skin so it’s hard to find something that does not dry out my skin. I noticed a different in my skins texture after a few days of use. If I have a breakout I wash my face with this at night and the next morning my face is smoother like it flattens the blemishes.

  4. Wei Xiao (verified owner)

    The Clear & Calm Cranberry Soap is the best facial soap I have ever used. I had honestly spent a years, in search for soap that would make my skin feel clean, and not sticky or too dry. This soap is perfect.

  5. Keisha Nasir (verified owner)

    Works great for me.

  6. Dhia Ibrahim (verified owner)

    Im so happy with the Clear & Calm Cranberry Soap! This soap not only cleans you but provides needed moisture to your skin. It really works!

  7. Nadia Shah (verified owner)

    This soap is a miracle for me it has cleared up my dermititis and red itchy rashes. I can’t believe I’ve been using chemical soaps my whole life, no wonder I’ve had skin conditions. I feel so clean and refreshed after using it. I will never go back to any chemical fragrance soaps again.

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