Immortajell Wrinkle Diffusing Eye Cream


A masterful eye treatment



A masterful, rejuvenating eye cream offering the freshest, firmest results encouraging your skin to ‘act young again’.

The Immortajell Wrinkle Diffusing Cream is A masterful eye treatment that targets expression wrinkles linked to repeated facial muscle contraction. Our unique triple peptide complex inhibits neuromuscular signalling and prevents muscle contraction to relax tension around the eye area. As a result, expression wrinkles are reduced and the eye contour appearance is more youthful, plump and refreshed.


Key Ingredients

A Triple Peptide Complex prevents muscle contraction to relax lines around they eye. Pomegranate Extract works to provide superior antioxidant protection for fragile skin and Cocoa Seed Butter supremely hydrates and gently nourishes around the eyes.


Key Benefits

This nourishing eye treatment defines your eye contour area with superior ingredients to encourage a youthful, plump and beautifully refreshed eye area appearance. Expression wrinkles linked to repeated facial muscle contraction are also reduced in appearance.


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