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We are getting older! That is fact. Unfortunately, this means that our skin is getting older too. One day we appear to look our natural, youthful self – in fact, we quite like what we see. But all of a sudden we look in the mirror again and could swear those lines, bags and puffy eyes weren’t there yesterday. This is because as the years go by, the collagen that gives our skin its elasticity begins to break down faster than it can be replaced which causes fine lines to appear, and in time, these deepen into wrinkles. The skin dehydrates more easily, aggravating the problem and making fine lines and wrinkles all the more obvious.

What we now want to know is how can we get rid of these lines, wrinkles and puffy eyes and forget we ever saw them?!

Not so fast…

Before you reach for your nearest anti-ageing skincare product, STOP. Read the bottle. Can you see ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)? Propylene Glycol? If you can, put that bottle down! Although common in many anti-ageing skincare products, these unfriendly ingredients actually damage your skin over time and counteract any short-term benefits provided by these products.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

SLS is actually derived from coconuts, but it is far from a natural ingredient. Words such as “chemical”, “hazardous”, “irritant”, “toxic”, and even “cancer” have been used to describe SLS in numerous studies and reviews. I don’t know about you, but I’d be avoiding putting any product related to those words near, let along on my face.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol, another common ingredient in anti-ageing skincare products, is also used to make varnish, paint, polyester and engine coolant! Studies have found that when applied on the skin, Propylene Glycol can provoke allergic reactions in people with skin allergies such as eczema. No thanks.

So, is our battle against fine lines, bags and puffs over? Should we lie down and accept that our days of bright, youthful, radiant skin are behind us? No!

Anti-Ageing the Natural Way with Origani

After extensive scientific research, Origani has been able to create an equivalent or superior quality alternative to almost every chemical substance found in regular skincare products. Origani’s Ageless By Nature range instead uses natural, certified organic ingredients, and does not test on animals. Origani sources its elements from nature to deliver proven anti-ageing skincare products without the risk of absorbing harmful substances. Skin-enhancing elements such as honey, Aloe vera, pomegranate, linseed and shea butter substitute those nasties like SLS and Propylene Glycol. These natural ingredients purify and nourish the skin, rejuvenating collagen to restore that youthful, healthy glow we’re all searching for.

Check out Origani Ageless By Nature

With Ageless By Nature, the fight against ageing is far from over. The first step to eliminating those lines, bags and puffs the natural way is to click on the link to view Origani’s Ageless By Nature range.

Click here to browse Origani Ageless by Nature product page.

*Article first appeared on Origani Australia website

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